Studying in Australia

The Down Under, is famous for its beautiful rainforests and rich bio-diversity. The country is preferred for pursuing higher education because of the quality education, high human development index and rich standards of living.

Globally Accepted

All major employers across the world recognize degrees from top colleges in Australia. Graduates from these universities are highly competent and excellent performers in their respective fields owing to the competency of education in the country.

Diversity of Education

Educational institutes of Australia offer variety of courses to choose from including Medical, Engineering, Management, Finance and many more. Students can also opt for universities, institutes and vocational training for their studies.

Part-time Work

Along with studies, students from other countries are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. This serves as an extra help financially whilst giving them enough professional exposure as well.

Cost of living

Standard of living in Australia is very high and the cost of education as compared to other developed countries is low. There are impressive scholarships on offer as well in some universities.

Technology Standards

Australia being a developed nation offers many technological and innovation advancements due to which their research facilities and resources are world class, along with their rising informational technology repertoire.


The country is famous for its friendly nature. The culture is very relaxed, calm and welcoming which makes adjusting and understanding their way of living easier.


Australian institutes offer a wide array of courses to choose from, with more than 1200 institutions and 22,000 courses on offer. The nation’s law encourages quality of education, equal standards of training and protection for international students. The country is known to preach and practice a wholesome and unbiased educational experience for students at all levels.

Popular courses in Australia

Most preferred courses include the likes of Management studies, Accounting and Finance, Hospitality Management, Engineering and Information technology, Law, Medical Sciences and Arts and Humanities.

Top Universities in Australia

Top colleges in Australia are known for world class research facilities and comprehensive education. There are eight universities from Australia that are listed amongst the 100 top universities of the world.

Australia Education System

Australian education system follows Australian Qualification framework (AQF). According to AQF, there are ten levels that are linked to school, vocational and university education qualifications into one national education system. This allows flexibility in movement of one level to another along with equal standard of education and training throughout the country’s education system.

Student Life in Australia

Australia is a fascinating place for students as there’s something for everyone, thanks to an affordable cost of living, high standards of education, rich quality of life and various entertainment options that are available.

Admission In Australia

The admission process involves selecting the course of your choice and the university where you want to pursue that course from. English language proficiency is required. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees have their own respective requirements that needs to be fulfilled. Medway acts as your facilitator from the word go.

Largest Student Immigration

Australia has the highest student immigration followed by UK and Canada amongst other developed countries offering quality education to international students.


English proficiency test is a must for pursuing higher studies as it is the main language of the country. Recognizing this, Medway offers premium IELTS coaching and guidance to students.


There is a host of scholarships provided by some of the top colleges in Australia, with up to 50% of tuition fee relaxation; varying according to the nature of application and test scores.

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