just a summary of studying in Can

Canada is one of the top destinations for advanced studies. The Great White North is home to one of the finest infrastructures and cultures found globally, along with ample job opportunities.

Growing Startup Hub

Toronto and Ottawa are the fastest growing North American tech-hubs. The technical ecosystem has been advancing. Remarkable progress in seen on the lines of infrastructure, employment rates and living costs.

Cultural Mosaic

Canada prides itself on being a nation catering to multiple diversities in an unbiased manner. Called US’ 51st state informally, one can find the culture to be influenced by British, French and the Far-East.


Second largest in terms of area, it boasts of well-equipped healthcare systems. Medical care is publicly funded for the greater good; and is almost free, making Canada an unrivalled global healthcare leader.


Canada is the most immigrant friendly nation in the world, with lots of space for new individuals to settle in. Relatively sparse populated, its various cultural identities are what form its incredible demography.


Good economy and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Job opportunities are diverse; employment has been on the rise these past years. Population is very well controlled; hence there is something for everyone.

Economic powerhouse

With a stable economy showing rapid signs of advancements, Canada is one of the most promising upcoming nations. The country has been blessed immensely with plethora of resources and vast landscapes.

Why Canada Education?

Ranked globally as one of the best education systems; advanced studies and research in Canada has a lot to behold. Aspirants are drawn from all over the globe due to abundant employment opportunities. The added benefits of quality of life and exposure make it all the more lucrative. Universities provide scholarships for worthy students as well.

Popular Courses in Canada:

Some of the most popular courses in Canada include the likes of Finance, Business Administration and Management, Information Technology, Computer Science, Media Studies, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Health care, etc.

Top Universities of Canada:

There are multiple international-standard top colleges in Canada like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of Waterloo, Centennial College, George Brown College, etc.

Canada education system

With about 90 universities and 150 colleges, Canada plays host to a rich and flourishing education system. 26 universities feature in the QS world list of universities; 3 of which feature in the Global Top 50. Language proficiency and adequate financing are the only prerequisites. Academic grading varies province wise.

Student life in Canada summary

Canada beams with the vast inflow of international students from different nationalities. It is a great place to thrive and develop as a student. Students are provided with equivalent opportunities and adequate exposure to hone their talents.

Admission In Canada summary

Canadian education systems have been met with high repute according to global standards; so credible academic grades are a must. Medway will help you enlist courses and institutes according to your portfolio, based on your strengths and merits.

Easy PR

The biggest reason why students flock to Canada is because of the easy grant of permanent residency. Eligibility depends on how well-qualified an individual is to be readily employed by companies..

Low Fees

Education fees is relatively low as compared to its counterparts, without compromising on the quality of life or education. The nation stands tall as one of the leading global education providers.


The clean and rich Canadian environment is a haven for all. Clean water, lush landscape, low crime rates and pollution-free atmosphere is what sums up the nation as a whole.

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