Just a summary of studying in NZ

The number of students seeking seeking foreign education is increasing by the day, which is why New Zealand is proving to be a popular destination for them. The Land of Kiwis is home to one of the finest cultures, expansive lifestyle and a rich quality of life.

World-class Education

New Zealand has proved its mettle by being one of the trusted leading education providers. With flexible courses, focus on innovation and adequate exposure, students get to experience a wholesome education system here.

Multi-cultural Nation

The fact that college campuses are full of students from multiple different ethnicities is a testament to New Zealand’s rich amalgamation of cultures, making it a globally safe haven.

Healthcare Sector

The nation doesn’t compromise in terms of providing efficient medical care. It is managed by the government and made available at subsidized rates to all habitants.

Extensive Support

Excellent levels of pedagogy is what this nation thrives on. It believes in providing support to students in terms of associated research and analysis, via real-life case studies and practicals.

Employment Opportunities

There is an increasing demand for skilled professionals in advanced fields. The unemployment rate is relatively low as compared to other nations. Part-time work is also an option for students.


New Zealand is best known for its relatively mild and pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Neither is the summer heat unbearable nor are the winters cold or dreary enough.

Why New Zealand Education?

New Zealand has garnered a lot of attention in recent years owing to its globally recognized education standards which are modelled on that of its western counterparts. Why it is a prime destination for students is due to research-oriented post-study work, on-field experiences and lucrative job offers, with a lot of grants and support.

Popular Courses in New Zealand:

Some of the major courses taken up by students include the likes of Business administration & Management, Information Technology (Data Science), Graphic Designing, Engineering (Civil/Mechanical) & Construction, Agricultural Sciences & Media Studies.

Top Universities in New Zealand:

Top colleges in New Zealand are University of Auckland, University of Otago (Dunedin), Victoria University of Wellington, Lincoln University, Auckland University of Technology, Whitecliffe College of Arts & design (Auckland), University of Wakaito (Hamilton), etc.

New Zealand education system

With 8 state-owned Universities, several other colleges and polytechnic institutes, education in New Zealand is certainly thriving. Auckland University features in the list of QS Global Top 100 universities. Language proficiency and adequate financing are the only pre-requisites to get in some of the top colleges in New Zealand.

Student life in New Zealand summary

New Zealand stands tall amidst the vast inflow of international students. It is a great place to thrive and develop as a student, owing to the provisions of equivalent opportunities and adequate exposure.

Admission In New Zealand

NZ education system is known to be highly sought after according to global standards; so fair academic grades are a must. Medway acts as your facilitator in getting student visa for New Zealand from India. We will simplify the tedious tasks of shortlisting universities and the courses on offer, giving you options that fit your skillset.

Easy PR

Students migrate here because of the ease of getting permanent residency. Eligibility depends on how well-qualified a person is to be readily-employed. Along with studies, there are stay-back options as well.

Pay less, get more

Study expenses are comparatively low as compared to the benefits on offer. The availability of good part-time jobs along with studies is a further add-on.


Clean water, large landscapes, low crime-rates and pollution-free atmosphere is what sums up why education in New Zealand is a lucrative option for your personal and professional growth.

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